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Babies & Boards: a BREEZE

Magda Cooper and baby on BOTE

Babies & Boards: a BREEZE

With so many responsibilities mixed with the miracle of pregnancy, who has time for fitness? Our very own, Magda Cooper, shows us how it’s done juggling a business, family and herself during one of the most trying periods of motherhood.

A recent article in Samata magazine explains just how it’s all possible. When you have the support and drive, anything is likely and Magda exudes just that. Taking time for you is necessary to clear the mind and free your spirit; the adverse factor for most: Time! This article proves owning and operating a business, a retail store and having an active 4 yr old in the family is no excuse to hold back on achieving what you deserve.

“I knew I was going to be a better mom, a better wife, a better business partner if I was taking time for me…” states Magda in the On the Water feature of Samata. The key was taking it all in stride. Magda would start her workout regimen early in the morning before her day began and noticed her days progressed better when she made time to exercise. Being a former athlete is a driving force and the competitive nature has never quit, however, during the pregnancy Magda reminded herself to enjoy the process and take it slow instead of competing for time and/or performance.

Paddling at a leisurely pace without so much as an elevated heart rate, people still questioned her actions and wellness for the baby. As frustrating as it is to hear everyone’s opinions, Magda did what we all should do in any situation, “I listened to my body” she says, “When I exercised my mood instantly improved.”

Paddling may be the best workout especially during pregnancy as it engages the full body with a cardio combination giving you all the control of speed and intensity; not to mention the amazing view you can’t get from the gym.

When accounting for exercise the best advice Magda gives that we can all take away from this in any instance, “Listen to your body and the way you feel. The rest is just noise.”

Published on Thursday, March 27, 2014 in News, Stories