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2014 Website Reveal


2014 Website Reveal

 BOTE is debuting a fresh, easy to navigate and resourceful website to reflect the brand new catalogue that went live just a few weeks ago. The site provides new features, offering extensive content, streamlined menus and simple navigation making it easier to learn, share and connect.

The BOTE lifestyle has now become a reality for every SUP lover to get their hands on. With 3 different construction techniques designed for the most durable, swift, and lightweight boards out ther;, BOTE is nothing short of versatile. Whether it's paddling, fishing, surfing, hunting, training or touring, your needs are covered with a simple click. The new website features a board finder tailored to match the ideal board according to body type and sport preference. This sure helps answer a lot of questions via the web for an amateur exploring the SUP world.

A brief introduction to some of the 2014 techniques include the innovative Chainmail weave pattern combining the strength and weight saving properties of carbon fiber. This construction acts as a suit of armor combined with the pliability and durability of Innegra (a polymer fiber) proving to be lightweight. The Classic construction consists of the wood inlay providing an aesthetic quality and adding strength standing the test of time. Finally, the Native construction consisting of eccentric paint schemes combined with a commingled fiberglass/innegra making these boards exceptionally strong and durable. With these qualities the boards sell themselves but there's a couple more additions left to mention. On select boards, you will find a handy stashpod designed for your dry storage needs with a watertight seal while on the water. This pod dually acts as a beverage holder with a bottle opener in the cap! Last but not least, inflatable boards that accept the tackle racks and coolers engineered with the receivers and tie downs, leaving the possibilities endless. The hardest decision to weigh is which board to choose from and BOTE's website guides you efficiently.

Highlights to note are dealer/rental locations, support with tips on maintenance and care for your new board as well as the online store to purchase apparel, gear and paddles for all your accessorizing needs. News, events and announcements are just part of the media offers, along with links to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube videos. Stay up to date with sweepstakes, contests, events and BOTE sightings by following these social media channels and visiting the website.


Published on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 in Announcements, Stories