Ethan Luppert on his BOTE Valhalla

Salty Fly 14'

It wasn’t my first time driving to Destin to pick up the BOTE van. Since 2012 I’ve been heading east from Pensacola Beach to upgrade my ride and pick up some pretty freaking cool paddleboards. In the past, the destination was always a SUP race or trade show somewhere in the south of our great state. But this trip would be different…

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The BOTE van is in full effect and we are taking you on a ride with us. Not only does it catch everyone’s attention on the road and in the parking lot because of its mass size and classic ‘swagger’; the BOTE van is shaking hands and kissing babies too!

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Welcome Riney Ranch!

Some of you may have heard of The Expedition Florida 500 (XF500) developed by the modern day explorer, Justin Riney. His mission was to inspire and cultivate a renewed respect for Florida waterways one paddle at a time. While circumnavigating Florida’s Gulf and Atlantic coastlines over the course of 365 days, Justin hosted cleanups in local beachside communities. Intending to leave pristine beaches and trash-free water in his wake while encouraging others to take the same steps.

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BOTE 2014 Stand Apart

2014 Website Reveal

The BOTE lifestyle has now become a reality for every SUP lover to get their hands on. With 3 different construction techniques designed for the most durable, swift and lightweight boards out there, BOTE is nothing short of versatile. Whether it's paddling, fishing, surfing, hunting, training or touring, your needs are covered with a simple click. The new website features a board finder tailored to match the ideal board according to body type and sport preference. This sure helps answer a lot of questions via the web for an amateur exploring the SUP world.

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