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Matthew Omlor

BOTE Ambassador Matt Omlor

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Board: 12' HD

Instagram: @mattomlorfish

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12' HD BS
Sunset fishing on SUP
Matt Omlor BOTE ambassador

‘Taking the path less traveled’ has had a major influence on my life.  My parents raised me with a sense of curiosity that has inspired my passion for fishing.  After finishing my degree at East Carolina University, I left for Florida to follow my dreams. Chasing monster snook off the beaches of Tampa, tailing redfish on the flood tides of North Florida, or pursuing gator trout in Mosquito Lagoon - Each new challenge is an opportunity to learn and share my adventures with others.

The owner of Oyster Creek Outfitters in St. Augustine, Don Reed, opened the shop to exploit his passion for the art and sport of fly-fishing.  With walls of fly tying materials, reels, rods, and Bote Boards, it is a fly fisherman’s paradise.  Inspired, I asked Don what I could do to further my passion and knowledge for the sport and he offered me the opportunity to work as his Marketing Director.  Along the way, I have come to realize that working for Oyster Creek Outfitters has given me immeasurable insight into a community of fisherman that share their stories, laugh, and continue to teach me with their knowledge.  Furthermore, I am surrounded by a staff that radiates that same passion that I have towards the community and fishing.   

First Coast Fly-Fishers has been the bedrock of the fly-fishing community in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.  As Vice President, one of my goals is to help educate people about the sport and teach them techniques to improve their skills and confidence. 

Finally, conservation is very important to me.  I am a member of the Coastal Conservation Association’s St. Augustine Chapter where we work to help preserve the fishing environment for future generations.  

Out on my HD Bote board, I find I am able to reconnect with the environment and use my mind and body as I try to outmaneuver my opponent. The anticipation as you stalk a redfish tailing on a flat, the connection to the water as she pulls you around on your board, and the excitement as she takes the fly that you have so carefully chosen is indescribable.  However, my favorite moment is releasing her and watching as she swims freely back to her feeding grounds with the natural movement of the grass as it sways apart and then fades back together … as if nothing ever happened. 

Traveling with my HD Bote Board, meeting new people, and catching targeted species - I have a saying “Go Make Your Own Adventure” – I challenge each of you to find what you are passionate about and pursue it. #GoAdventure