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Landon Mace

BOTE Fishing Ambassador Landon Mace profile picture.

The Great Pacific Northwest!



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Fishing on a BOTE was a success for Landon Mace!
Landon Mace and his full fishing setup on the 2015 BOTE Rackham paddleboard.
BOTE's Landon Mace makes a big catch on his BOTE Paddleboard.
Landon sizes up his fishing catch on his 2015 BOTE Rackham Paddleboard.

I originally hail from the great Pacific Northwest, predominantly California and Oregon. Now I am currently stationed at Hurlburt Field AFB, FL. Been fishing most of my life, but got really enveloped once I made my way to Florida. Sight fishing is one of my favorite forms of fishing and being on my Bote has made that extremely easier and more enjoyable to do. Fishing from Bote is my main priority, but I often find myself just wanting to hop on it and just go for a paddle. I love the exercise. When the JOB isn’t holding us down, my wife and I really just love doing any activities that get us outside. We enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, brewing beer, camping, disc golfing, snorkeling, shooting guns, hiking, and traveling to name a few. At 6’6”, people like to tell me daily that I am the tallest person on the planet (Guinness will tell you otherwise). I have been to more countries in Europe than states in the U.S.A. I currently use the Rackham and love every single feature it has. Tournaments and travel have brought me to new areas ranging from Louisiana east up to South Carolina. Generally I spend most my time fishing the Choctawhatchee/Pensacola bays, Santa Rosa Sound and the Gulf of Mexico here at home.