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Caley Smith

Caley Smith BOTE Ambassador

Fort Collins, CO

Drift Bug Slinger™


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As a native to Colorado, I was lucky enough to become obsessed with the outdoors from a very young age. My dad put a fly rod in my hand by the age of 5 and I haven't put them down since. After moving from my hometown south of Denver to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University for fishery biology, I was spending every daylight hour outside of class on the local waters. I somehow got a job at St. Peter's Fly Shop my sophomore year and fly fishing pretty much overtook all aspects of my life. I bought a Drift Bugslinger with zero experience on a SUP after St. Pete's became the first Bote dealer in Colorado. Because of my love for sight fishing, I knew a paddle board could take my fishing to the next level and I'd be able to access way more water. On the days I'm not holding' down the shop or on the water guiding, you may be able to find me paddling around hoping to stick some fish.