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Alina Flor

BOTE Board Ambassador Alina Flor profile pic.

Navarre, FL


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BOTE Board's Alina Flor poses as yoga and fitness ambassador.
Alina poses on the BOTE paddleboard Axiom.
BOTE Board's Alina Flor comes in from a yoga paddle session.
Alina posing in front of Axiom BOTE Paddle boards, designed for fitness and yoga.
When Alina is not practicing yoga on a BOTE paddleboard, she is still practicing with her family.

A beach girl from the day she was born, Alina Flor is usually no more than a few miles away from the ocean. She was born in Navarre, Florida, and grew up only one mile from Navarre Beach and the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Alina began practicing and studying yoga at the age of fifteen. She expresses body and spirit through a practice that combines moving meditation and discipline. She has studied a variety of Yoga styles, specializing in Hot Yoga and AcroYoga.

In her teens, Alina worked at a scuba dive shop in Gulf Breeze, Florida. She soon passed Advanced and Nitrox training, and later became certified as a Rescue Diver, Master Diver and Dive Master. Alina has traveled to dive in the waters of the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Thailand.

She is a certified Cardiac and Vascular Sonographer but works almost exclusively as a Yoga instructor.

The Bote Board is the ultimate tool for achieving tranquility on the water. Alina Flor achieves a great sense of peace during her excursions as she connects with nature and finds stillness in such a busy world. Her favorite places to Paddle and Yoga on her Bote Board is Islamorada, Florida.