Power On With The Power Rac

When SUP enthusiasts asked 'can you put a motor on it?', we answered with the Rover Micro Skiff. When they asked 'what else can we float on?', we responded with a line of inflatable kayaks and inflatable docks. And when they asked 'can we get power on our boards?', well, we just couldn't resist creating a solution.

From the start, our unofficial motto has been to 'build cool shit'. And by using the Grab Rac as a muse, a perfect companion for paddle board fishing, the guys got to work splicing electric force with a design to hold all your SUP fishing accessories, and the Power Rac was born.

Specifically designed for the Rackham Paddle Board and Rover Micro Skiff due to their front positioned Rac Receivers, the Power Rac energizes your board and keeps you out longer, farther. Easier than 'plug and play', just insert into the Rac Receivers, power on, and peace out.

The Grab Rac alone is a kickass solution to your SUP fishing needs, but powering it with a rechargeable battery makes it, well, just better.

"For those of you that know, you know. If you ever had flashlights on the deck of your board to light stuff up. Or if you had to hand hold GPS's. Or don't have a place for fishing rods. Or need some place to plug in a speaker. Or when you're hanging out at a sandbar and you want to just power up your phone. You know. That's what this product is for."

- Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO and Co-Founder

The Command Center

The command center centralizes all the power and places it at your fingertips. It's slick, connecting various light sources, accessory ports, and even your fishing GPS all within the aluminum Power Rac, keeping the wires nice and dry while you're out voyaging for your next catch.

No more turning on a million different things in a million different places. Just plug in the 12V water-resistant NOCQUA battery included with your Power Rac and have complete control in a self contained dial. Need more power? We hear ya. The Power Rac has space for an additional battery if you refuse to turn back until you meet your fish quota, regardless how long it takes. We respect that.

Light Em’ Up!

You know what sucks? When you've had an awesome day on the lake, but have to turn in because the sun's turning in. With built-in lighting, the Power Rac let's you experience your Rackham or Rover from the early crest of dawn to the purpling night. With red and green navigation lights on the port and starboard sides of the Rac, so boat traffic can see you while you safely navigate through the water terrain. Plus, the LED light bar illuminates your board so you can get to what you need.

The Power Rac also has two accessory ports, powered by Yak power and controlled through the command center. Charge your phone or plug in a speaker and don't worry about your electronics dying on you. We gotcha covered… unless you drop your phone in the water, we can't help you there.

"The Power Rac is something you can use during the day just as easily as night by using the accessory ports to keep your phone or speaker charged. Then it extends your time on the water with the safety light features. Simply put, you can be out on the water longer. Into the dusk and even in the early dawn, getting you fishing way earlier than you could without it."

- Rob McAbee, BOTE Creative Director

Here fishy, fishy.

Whether you've been hand holding your fish finder or built some makeshift docking station that involves zip tips and duct tape, it's no way to find the perfect fishing hole. The GPS mounting plate is pre-drilled to fit Lowrance Elite Ti2 and HDS Live, so your fish finder can sit securely on your Power Rac while you focus on your cast.

If you don't have a Lowrance, no worries. You can easily retrofit the GPS mounting plate to your fish finder of choice, just reference your GPS manual.

All the awesomeness of the Grab Rac

Taking everything you love about the Grab Rac, which is pretty much all of it, the Power Rac has a place for all your essentials. The foam hook caddy at the top let's you quickly grab your go-to lures and flies, while two rod holders rest on either side of the Power Rac securely out of the way. The MOLLE loops are there so you can clip extra gear, a dry bag, and anything else you need during the excursion. There's even a spot for an extra battery, just pop it into the storage area at the bottom.

The Power Rac - Electronification Amplified

The Power Rac, like all the best things, was built out of a need. A need to be outdoors… more. With all the power self-contained within the Rac, it's easy to maintain and even easier to add and remove from your board. An electric take on the Grab Rac, the Power Rac is for the ultimate adventurer, the person looking to up their paddle board fishing game, eager to deck out their Rackham or Rover with their favorite SUP fishing accessories. Like we said, "For those of you who know, you know."

"For those of you who know, you know."

So get out on the water. Do it before the kids get up, after a long day of work, with your favorite fishing playlist, and with all your gear.

Do it all with the Power Rac.