SOX for your BOTE!

It’s like sunscreen for your board!

PROTECT your BOTE board with these everyday SUP socks! The protect your board from the elements, and especially the sun! Slip them on for the car ride, or while boards are sitting on the beach after a race, paddle, or surf session! Easy and light for everyday use!

-25.5″ Wide
-Heavy duty Anti-UV Material
-4 way stretch fabric
-Suits boards 10’6″ to 14′

BOTE Sox includes a board sock and multi-functional bag that can double as a paddle sock! Check it out!

Click HERE to order yours today!

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SUP Splash Series: Tampa Recap!

After the ICAST 2012 Expo in Orlando last week, BOTE made it’s way to Tampa for the 3rd race of the SUP Splash Series! The race was held on July 14th at Hula Bay Bar and Grill. There was a 3 and 7 mile race and the conditions for both were choppy.

3 Mile Course

7 Mile Course

Though rougher conditions, BOTE took home numerous awards!

Pete Buzzelli took 1st in the 50+ age category in the Men’s 14′ Elite 7 Mile Race on the 14′ Gonzo SS. Ethan Luppert took 2nd in the Men’s 12’6″ Elite 7 Mile on a new Matte Blue 12’6″ Wraith SS.

Bernadette Leach took 2nd, while Magda Cooper took 3rd in the Women’s 12’6″ Elite 7 Mile Race, both on 12’6″ Wraith SS Boards.

Click for full results!

3 Mile

7 Mile

BOTE had a great time, and is looking forward to the next race in the SUP Splash Series! See you there!

Thank you to Tiffany Clemons for the photos!

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Castaway Island Race at Lake Martin Recap!

June 30th marked the 1st Castaway Island Paddle Board Race at Anchor Bay Marina on Lake Martin, AL. The race was part-sponsored by BOTE Dealer Lake Martin Dock Company.

A number of BOTE’s made the trip up to race the 1 mile rec race, 3 mile elite race, and 1/2 mile sprint race.

The weather was hot, and the race was fun! BOTE had a great time and is looking forward to the next one!!

Congrats to all of the racers!

Below are the results:

Castaway Island Paddle Board Race Results, The One Mile Race:
1. 13:55 Guy Huie
2. 14:39 Ben Morris
3. 14:49 Banks Petrey
4. 15:15 Ross Bailey
5. 15:28 Micheal Payne
6. 15:57 Kevin Voyles
7. 16:20 Tony Gaede
8. 17:56 Kristine Dobbs
9. 18:54 Ashlyn Jones
Castaway Island Paddle Board Race Results, The Three Mile Race:
1. 35:44 Pete Buzzelli
2. 38:34 Magda Cooper
3. 39:32 Corey Cooper
4. 39:53 Rick Moore
5. 43:51 Michael Etienne
6. 43:58 Chris Pignato
7. 45:46 Mike Pearson
8. 47:17 Travis Krauel
9. 48:43 Kim Moore
Castaway Island Paddle Board Race Results, The 1/2 Mile Sprint Race:
1. 6:11 Pete Buzzelli
2. 6:22 Corey Cooper
3. 6:38 Rick Moore
4. 6:41 Magda Cooper
5. 6:54 Michael Etienne
6. 7:26 Ben Morris
7. 7:54 Guy Huie
8. 8:12 Kevin Voyles
9. 8:56 Tony Gaede
10. 9:07 Banks Petrey
11. 9:12 David McGirt
12. 9:43 Michael Payne
13. 10:04 Jodie McGirt
14. 11:47 Minerva Huie
15. 11:56 Jake Litz
16. 11:57 Luke Knight
17. 12:09 Jack Coley
18. 12:22 David Powers
19. 12:52 Keith Hamrick
20. 13:01 Tricia Hurd Reaves
BOTE Team riders took places 1-4 in both the 3 mile elite and 1/2 sprint!For all of the details on the race, click here!
Thank you again to Paddle Destin for coming with us, and for the pictures!
Thank you for having us, and we’ll see you at the next race!!
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BOTE is spicing things up this summer by hosting a monthly Taco Tuesday at our Gulf Breeze location! It will be held the second Tuesday of each month and will entail fun races, which lengthen throughout the summer, sprint relays, and TACOS!

Summer is here and listed is the remaining schedule:

Time: 6PM with Fun Race starting at 6:45 and sprint relays to follow!
Cost $5

July 10- 2 mile fun race, sprint relay, TACOS.
August 14- 3 mile fun race, sprint relay, TACOS.
September 11- 4 mile fun race, sprint relay, TACOS.

So head on over after work; paddle, mingle, and enjoy tacos from Tijuana Flats in Pensacola!

Click HERE for directions!

Don’t have a board, or have never tried stand up paddling before? We will have demo boards available!

Water will be provided by Kentwood Springs, and you are welcome to a cold beer from our in-store tap, otherwise it’s BYOB!

If you have any questions, you can contact Tiffany Clemons at or visit our Facebook event!

Check out some pictures from our first event! Thanks to various photographers for snapping them!

Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks again to Tijuana Flats in Pensacola for the awesome food!

See y’all at the next one! In the meantime, find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Watermans Paddle for Humanity RECAP!


Last weekend marked the 2nd of 5, Watermans Paddle for Humanity races. It was located in Deerfield Beach, FL and BOTE arrived to great weather and an even greater event!

The race was held on June 2nd and consisted of 3 events. A 5K Fun Paddle and 10K Elite Paddle, both sanctioned by the WPA, and a Chuck Patterson Signature series 5-Lap Rally race.

BOTE Racers Magda Cooper and Ethan Luppert made the trip down to compete in the 10K Elite Paddle. Both on 12’6 Matte Black Wraith SS boards, Ethan took 3rd in the 12’6 Men’s Elite, while Magda took 4th in the 12’6 Women’s Elite.

Click here for all official race results, and details about upcoming Watermans Paddle for Humanity events!

Thank you to photographer Jim Diehl, ZULU SUP, and various photographers for event pictures!

Watermans Paddle for Humanity sure knows how to put on a great race, and BOTE will definitely be making an appearance again!

Check out the Wraith SS in action!

12’6″ WRAITH SS from Color Earth on Vimeo.


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Key West Paddleboard Classic Recap!

BOTE’s Magda Cooper, and a number of other Panhandle paddlers, made the trip down to Key West, for the 15th Annual Key West Paddleboard Classic! There were 2 races, a Fury Waters Adventure 12 mile Elite, and an Ocean Minded 4 mile.

Check out the Elite course!

Magda took 2nd place on her Matte Black 12’6″ Wraith SS! Way to go Magda!!

For full official results, click here!

Congrats to the other Panhandlers that placed, and to all of the other racers! Such a great event!

Thank you to various sources for the pictures!

See y’all at the next race!

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GUSU Panhandle SUP Classic Race Series: Race 1 Recap!

The GUSU Race series has begun! BOTE is a proud sponsor this year, and couldn’t be more excited to participate.

The kickoff race was hosted in Niceville, FL at the Northlight Marina. The conditions were sunny and still! Perfect for a race!

BOTE racers took 1st in a number of divisions! BOTE’s Magda Cooper took 1st in the 4 mile 12’6″ Women’s Elite on her Matte White Wraith SS, while Corey took 3rd in the 14′ Men’s Elite on a Gonzo SS. Pete Buzzelli took 1st and Jamie Fedorka took 2nd in the 14′ Men’s Elite, both on Matte Black Gonzo SS boards. BOTE also took 1st in the 12’6″ Men’s division with Ethan Luppert on a Matte Black Wraith SS.

There were a number of BOTE boards out there, and BOTE couldn’t be happier about the growing number of BOTE racers at each race!

Congrats to all of the racers out there! Below are the official results:

Race results from Race 1 of PSUP Classic:

Race 1 of Panhandle Stand Up Paddleboard Classic

4 Mile
14′ Mens Elite
1 Pete Buzzelli 0:46:46
2 Jamie Fedorka 0:48:17
3 Corey Cooper 0:48:40
4 Dave Meadows 0:48:51
5 David Leach 0:49:10
6 Scott Kennedy 0:51:10
7 Zach Retting 0:51:12
8 Phil Summers 0:52:05
9 Edward Rudzki 0:52:40
10 Jeff Hood 0:53:20
11 Rick Moore 0:53:42
12 Dave Vail 0:55:10
13 Jeff Troy 0:57:25
14 Kent Sutton 0:58:12
15 Mark Chrisman 0:59:32
16 Jim Cunningham 1:11:20
12’6 Mens Elite
1 Ethan 0:48:20
2 Trapper Chechak 0:49:50
3 Jack Archer 0:51:27
4 Jeremy Cerone 0:52:28
5 Noal Smith 0:53:20
6 James Mcphee 0:53:50
7 David Simmons 0:56:40
8 Dr. Danger 1:02:20
9 Doug Adams 1:05:37
10 Chris Akon 1:10:20
12’6 Womens Elite
1 Magda Cooper 0:49:00
2 Jessica Delao 0:51:31
3 Bernadette Leach 0:51:43
4 MJ 0:58:37
5 Gina Seton 0:58:57
6 Donna Bandy 1:00:07
7 Joan Vinoit 1:03:35
8 Beata kundra DNF
12’6 Mens Rec
1 Jake Williams 0:54:00
2 Stefan 0:54:58
3 Scott Calaman 0:57:37
4 Tanner 0:58:30
5 Josh Chrisman 0:58:50
6 Ron Newby 0:59:48
7 Michael Carpenter 1:01:20
8 Jeff Zimmerman 1:01:58
9 Dale Ringler 1:04:20
10 Scott Bisjolie 1:07:08
11 Jason Folley 1:12:00
12’6 Womens Rec
1 Theresa Woodley 0:58:59
2 Regina 1:02:15
3 Misty 1:02:20
4 Stacy Troy 1:03:31
5 Caitlyn Sweney 1:04:37
6 Kim Moore 1:05:03
7 Rachel 1:06:10
8 Lon Mahileck 1:06:22
9 Ashly Chrisman 1:06:44
10 Jamie Hord DNF
1 mile
1 Mario Jara 0:12:17
2 Chris Ibsen 0:12:40
3 Norbet Neberz 0:13:59
4 Bill Weldon 0:14:20
5 Dr. Danger 0:14:30
6 Bob Diehl 0:14:30
7 Matthew Anders 0:15:30
8 Kim Hill 0:15:41
9 Greg Anders 0:15:58
10 Tina Suton 0:16:11
11 Joe Nedoroscik 0:16:13
12 Linda Cunningham 0:16:15
13 Andy Becker 0:16:39
14 0:16:49
15 Matthew Smith 0:16:50
16 Chris St. John 0:17:00
17 Kristina Rowe 0:17:31
18 Heather Anders 0:18:15
19 Amber Smith 0:18:25
20 Jennifer Ostan 0:19:35
21 Kobe Babin 0:20:00
22 Allison Snow 0:20:11
23 Cameron 0:22:30
24 Savana hill 0:24:10
25 Jimmie Bisjolie 0:24:15

Thank you to Helendall Photography and Steve Luppert for the photos! Check’em out!


This weekend is the 15th Annual Key West Paddleboard Classic!

For all race info, please visit See y’all there!!

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1st Annual Five Flags Paddleboard Classic

Last weekend marked the 1st Annual Five Flags Paddleboard Classic, hosted by Coastal Paddle Company. The race was held at The Grand Marlin on Pensacola Beach. It was a little windy, with some chop, which made for a challenging, but fun race!

There were numerous BOTE boards there, and our new 12’6″ Matte White Wraith SS made it’s debut!

BOTE also racked in the trophies! Magda Cooper won 1st in the women’s 12’6″ Elite division on the Matte White Wraith SS; Pete Buzzelli took 1st in the men’s 14′ Elite division on a Matte Black Gonzo SS; Tanner Chechak came in 1st in the Kid’s 1 Mile Kids division on a 9’6″ Monster; and first time racer and new BOTE owner Ashley Chrisman took first in the women’s 1 mile division on her Wraith SS.

A number of other BOTE paddlers placed as well, and everyone did awesome considering the conditions! Check out the official results:

BOTE had a great time and is looking forward to the 2nd Annual Five Flags Paddleboard Classic!


Thank you to Coastal Paddle Company for the results and always a BIG thank you to Paddle Destin for the support and the pictures!



Magda takes 4th!!

This past weekend, BOTE’s Magda Cooper made the trek down to Puerto Rico for the 4th Annual Rincon Beachboy SUP Race. The race benefitted Salon Angelitos de Amor, which supports children with down syndrome. The race raised and donated $4,035 to the cause and with additional contribution from employees and friends, they were able to match that amount and donate a check to a beloved local pilot who is recovering from an accident.

There were around 200 racers, and Magda placed 4th in the Elite 12’6″ female division. Go Magda!! When asked about the race, she said, “I’m just not used to paddling in waves, I kept falling off! I guess I’ll be practicing in the Gulf from now on! I had a great time, and Puerto Rico is great- I’ll definitely be back!”

Cheers Magda! We’re proud of you!

Here are maps of the Elite and Open courses.

For complete race results: click here.

Magda was accompanied by friend, fellow paddler, and founder of Paddle Destin, Kim Moore. Though they enjoyed Puerto Rico, we’re glad to have them back! Thank you to Kim and Mar Azul Surf Shop for the pictures!

For more information on the Rincon Beachboy SUP Race. You can visit their website by clicking here.

Prepárate para el mejor evento SUP de Puerto Rico!!!

Our very own Magda Cooper is on her way to Puerto Rico for the 4th Annual Rincon Beachboy Standup Paddleboard Race this weekend! She will be racing in the Elite Raceboard 8 mile division. Other divisions include: Elite Stock (surfstyle) 8 mile, and an Open and Kids 3 mile. Magda has been training hard and is excited to compete against some of the best paddlers in the world!

She will be racing one of BOTE’s newest race boards: The 12’6″ Matte Black Wraith SS. Her board has been personalized with a special piece of motivation to keep her going!

The 12’6 Matte Black Wraith SS was designed to be light and fast! The board is 26″ wide and weighs 24 lbs.

BOTE wishes Magda, and all of the other paddlers the best of luck down South!

For more information about the race, click here!