Salty Shores Interview: Surf Expo 2012

Thanks to Sam Root ( and Leslie Kolovich ( for taking the time to interview BOTE at the Surf Expo Show in Orlando. 


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VIDEO: Gator Belly Dragging Test!

A Short video of the guys at the shop doing a demolition test to one of the old Gator Belly Boards. We wanted to see how well a board with the Gator Belly would hold up while being dragged behind a truck! After the test, the board would have still been 100% usable. WARNING!!!! Don’t try this with any other paddle board.

YETI Coolers Spotlight

We at BOTE would like to thank the Guys at YETI Coolers for the nice blog post about us.  There is a reason we choose to integrate YETIs in BOTE Boards.  YETIs are the best..period.  There is no need to waste your money on other coolers, this is the last cooler you’ll ever need…you can call them the Green Egg Grills of the cooler world. 

Plus in case you are ever on a BOTE Board in Bear country and you have the YETI with you, they are certified bear proof…so at least the cooler will survive!

Certified Bear Resistant

Product Spotlight: The BOTE SUP Skiff

Fishing from a BOTE

Magda gives a brief description showing our paddleboard converting to the SUP Skiff.  The SUP Skiff is simply our normal Bote Board with all of our accessories mounted on it.  The Bote Board is the only paddleboard in the world that can transform into a miniature Boat!  Sorry about the sound, you’ll need to turn up your speakers a bit.

The BOTE SUP Skiff- Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

Bote SUP Skiff (fishing paddleboard)

We now offer many of our “add-ons” in a package that we call the “SUP Skiff”.  We believe that all these accessories combined together complement each other perfectly to create a Stand Up Paddle Skiff or SUP Skiff.  Although we have offered these accessories in the past, we now offer them in a package to reduce the overall cost of the gear. 

The SUP Skiff includes: the BOTE fishing post, deck mounted rod holder (with option inserts available), 35qt YETI cooler (with lid pad, strap down kit, 2 gimbal mount rod holders and paddle clip).

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The NEW Bote Mini Post

Bote Fishing Sup

The mini post holding backpack and rods

Bote has had several customers who have requested that we make a smaller version of our standard leaning post.  These customers don’t want anything to lean on, just something to hold their rods and bags up out of the water…and to also look good!  We now offer this “mini” post as a standard product and of course we will still offer other customized fixtures per our customers requests. 

The Bote “mini” post consists of polish anodized aluminum with two rod holders and bag arms.  The mini post makes a perfect backstop for the Yeti coolers.  The Yeti can be placed right in front of the mini and the ridder can sit on it!  More pics to follow soon.

Bote Board with Yeti Cooler

Check out the Bote Board rigged with the 35QT Yeti Cooler ( ).  The cooler can be attached to the front of the board or moved up under the leaning post and turned into a seat.  Bote only uses the best materials so it would make sense that a Bote Board should be rigged with the best coolers!

The video shows how stable the board is rigged with the cooler…even in chop, the wind was also blowing about 15mph.  Stay tuned for more!