Salty Shores Interview: Surf Expo 2012

Thanks to Sam Root ( and Leslie Kolovich ( for taking the time to interview BOTE at the Surf Expo Show in Orlando. 


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BOTE at The Mayor’s SUP Cup @New Smyrna Beach

BOTE headed over to New Smyrna beach for the Mayor’s SUP Cup on November 19, 2011.  The event was a 2 day event, Saturday there was a 6 mile Elite course and 2 mile Rec Course.  Sunday a SUP surf competition was held. 

Congrats to Magda Cooper for her 2nd Place finish in the Womens 12’6″ Elite Class, Magda was riding a WRAITH.

 We’d also like to congratulate all other racers (Rick Moore, Corey Cooper, Andrew Bowden, Joey McGeoy, and Terry Perkins) that were aboard a BOTE, for some it was their first race, all of these individuals have made improvements and are moving their way up the ladder quickly!

Thanks to Paddleboard New Smyrna Beach for putting together a great Race, we will be sure to put it on our calendars for next year!!!


Mens 14’ Elite

1.Packet Casey-1:11.00
2.Chris Stephan- 1:13.28
3.Brad Ward-1:15.16
4.Ty Miller-1:16.27
5.Chip Bock-1:18.24
6.Chris Taylor-1:19.52
7.Andrew White-1:21.08
8.Justin Cook-1:21.40
9.Brent Brown-1:23.33
10.Corey Cooper-1:23.41
11.Sandy Deeley-1:24.20
12.Adam Cain-1:27.41
13.Conrad Garcia-1:29.22
14.Rick Moore-1:30.03
15.Dave Meadows-1:30.45
16.Jay Boggess-1:32.02
17.Alex DeShazer-1:41.05
18.Charlie Mucciolo-1:42.28
19.Alan Mackenzie-1:45.24
Mens 12’6” Elite

1.Mark Athanacio-1:14.54
2.Reid Nelson-1:18.18
3.Matt Wise-1:20.00
4.Pete Buzzelli-1:21.51
5.Martin Burzyaski-1:22.23
6.Andrew Gaucho-1:23.12
7.Jim Higgins-1:23.22
8.Frankie Abbruzziuo-1:24.16
9.Tony Ferreri-1:24.24
10.Richard Schwartz-1:24.30
11.Brandon Rahe-1:25.56
12.Chuck Hardin-1:26.15
13.Jason Meehan-1:26.20
14.David Dean-1:27.57
15.Raymond “Chip” King-1:28.40
16Andrew Bowden-1:29.40
17.Rob Alfieri-1:31.55
18.Jim Ruggiero-1:32.40
19.Boram Thompson-1:33.04
20.Barry Josepher-1:41.08
21.Evan Magee-1:42.37
22.Joe McGeoy-1:43.25

Womens 12’6” Elite

1.Helga Goebel-1:20.05
2.Magda Coope-1:22.16
3.Mary Anne Boyer-1:23.15
4.Mini Cunha-1:24.40
5.Allison Shirley-1:30.00
6.Katie Holt-1:40.30

Womens Junior Elite

1.Bailey Rosen-1:32.50
2.Annette Garcia-1:43.20
Mens 50+ Elite

1.Pete Bruzzelli-1:21.51
2.Jim Higgins-1:23.22
3.Richard Schwartz-1:24.30
4.David Rush-1:36.23

Men’s Junior Elite

1.Matt Wise-1:20.00
2.Jack Archer-1:28.55

Mens Elite OC-1

1.Gary Wise-1:01.02

Mens Prone Elite

1.Ricky Gehris-1:21.50

Mens Rec Race Stock Board

Lance Deciur-39.08
Brian Frepor-41.00
Kevin Barber-43.00
Terry Perkins-44.36
Mark Dean-48.49
Ty Keen-50.28
Micah Barber-1:10.25

Mens Rec 12’6” Race Board

 Zach Roery-38.21
Frank Tranchilla-38.26
Jeff Tobin-42.07
Conrad Jr. Garcia-47.03

Womens Rec Stock Board

Heather Wilcox-41.35
Jen Hayes-43.55
Cheryl Baker-44.39
Jennifer Steff-45.25
Alystra Lockard-50.02
Candice Accola-56.53
Sherry Bechtel-59.51

Womens Rec 12’6” Race Board

Sarah Langdon-41.08
Lori Hurley-42.04
Ann Dean-43.49
Jessica Cichra-44.29
Heather Hill-46.33
Ana Garcia-48.51

Matt Lantrip takes 1st and Magda Cooper takes 2nd at local Race

The 1st Race of 4 of the GUSU Panhandle Stand Up Paddleboard Classic was held this past weekend (July 16th) at North Light Marina in Niceville, FL.
The Course was just shy of 4 miles, and while the weather was less than par, the BOTE 12’6″ Wraith riders had a great performance.

Matt Lantrip finished 1st in the Men’s 12’6″ Elite Division with a time of 40:45:00, while Magda Cooper placed 2nd in the Women’s 12’6″ Elite Division with a time of 46:25:00.

Thanks to GUSU for organizing a great race series.  Each Race series will have an Elite Division as well as a beginners division (1 mile Course).

The remainder Race Schedule is as follows:

August 20 @ Liza Jackson Park, Fort Walton Beach

September 17 in front of Pompano Joe’s on the Gulf, Miaramar Beach

 and October 8 on the harbor starting on the dock of Electric Cowboy, Destin





VIDEO: Gator Belly Dragging Test!

A Short video of the guys at the shop doing a demolition test to one of the old Gator Belly Boards. We wanted to see how well a board with the Gator Belly would hold up while being dragged behind a truck! After the test, the board would have still been 100% usable. WARNING!!!! Don’t try this with any other paddle board.

DEMO: Join Us at Joe’s Bayou

BOTE and Destin Athletic Club

Beginning this Saturday and continuing the first Saturday of every month, Bote and Destin Athletic Club will be doing a joint Paddle Class/Demo at various locations around the Destin Area.  This Saturday we will be at Joe’s Bayou near the Joe’s Bayou boat ramp.  Two time slots are available, 9:00 and 10:00 am.

The demo will consist of a short introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding accompanied with a 40 minute paddle session.  Any one is welcome to join us, the experience level will consist of first timers all the way to advanced trainers.  Stop by Destin Athletic Club (DAC) www.dacfitness.comnext to Innerlight surf shop in Destin to sign up, or email

LATEST DEALER: Blue Water Bay Marina

  Check out BOTE’s latest dealer. Blue Water Bay Marina in Niceville, FL . Brett and the guys at bluewater are the best to work with. They probably have the best location of any marina/restaraunt on the Choctawhatchee Bay. It makes for a beautiful location to enjoy a BOTE! Stop by the marina and check out a BOTE.  Launch from the sand beaches right beside the hangout LJ Schooners.  When you picture awesome sunsets, you probably have this place in mind!

Product Spotlight: The BOTE SUP Skiff

Fishing from a BOTE

Magda gives a brief description showing our paddleboard converting to the SUP Skiff.  The SUP Skiff is simply our normal Bote Board with all of our accessories mounted on it.  The Bote Board is the only paddleboard in the world that can transform into a miniature Boat!  Sorry about the sound, you’ll need to turn up your speakers a bit.

Bote Board with Yeti Cooler

Check out the Bote Board rigged with the 35QT Yeti Cooler ( ).  The cooler can be attached to the front of the board or moved up under the leaning post and turned into a seat.  Bote only uses the best materials so it would make sense that a Bote Board should be rigged with the best coolers!

The video shows how stable the board is rigged with the cooler…even in chop, the wind was also blowing about 15mph.  Stay tuned for more!