ICAST interview VIDEOs

The BOTE Team did alot of talking over the 3 day ICAST expo in Orlando, FL.  The show was very media intense and BOTE was interviewed frequently by members of the media wanting to know more about the products.  We would like to give a big thanks to the good folks at Kayak Angler Magazine and Florida Sportsman who did feature videos of our interviews.




SUP Splash Series: Tampa Recap!

After the ICAST 2012 Expo in Orlando last week, BOTE made it’s way to Tampa for the 3rd race of the SUP Splash Series! The race was held on July 14th at Hula Bay Bar and Grill. There was a 3 and 7 mile race and the conditions for both were choppy.

3 Mile Course

7 Mile Course

Though rougher conditions, BOTE took home numerous awards!

Pete Buzzelli took 1st in the 50+ age category in the Men’s 14′ Elite 7 Mile Race on the 14′ Gonzo SS. Ethan Luppert took 2nd in the Men’s 12’6″ Elite 7 Mile on a new Matte Blue 12’6″ Wraith SS.

Bernadette Leach took 2nd, while Magda Cooper took 3rd in the Women’s 12’6″ Elite 7 Mile Race, both on 12’6″ Wraith SS Boards.

Click for full results!

3 Mile

7 Mile

BOTE had a great time, and is looking forward to the next race in the SUP Splash Series! See you there!

Thank you to Tiffany Clemons for the photos!

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Castaway Island Race at Lake Martin Recap!

June 30th marked the 1st Castaway Island Paddle Board Race at Anchor Bay Marina on Lake Martin, AL. The race was part-sponsored by BOTE Dealer Lake Martin Dock Company.

A number of BOTE’s made the trip up to race the 1 mile rec race, 3 mile elite race, and 1/2 mile sprint race.

The weather was hot, and the race was fun! BOTE had a great time and is looking forward to the next one!!

Congrats to all of the racers!

Below are the results:

Castaway Island Paddle Board Race Results, The One Mile Race:
1. 13:55 Guy Huie
2. 14:39 Ben Morris
3. 14:49 Banks Petrey
4. 15:15 Ross Bailey
5. 15:28 Micheal Payne
6. 15:57 Kevin Voyles
7. 16:20 Tony Gaede
8. 17:56 Kristine Dobbs
9. 18:54 Ashlyn Jones
Castaway Island Paddle Board Race Results, The Three Mile Race:
1. 35:44 Pete Buzzelli
2. 38:34 Magda Cooper
3. 39:32 Corey Cooper
4. 39:53 Rick Moore
5. 43:51 Michael Etienne
6. 43:58 Chris Pignato
7. 45:46 Mike Pearson
8. 47:17 Travis Krauel
9. 48:43 Kim Moore
Castaway Island Paddle Board Race Results, The 1/2 Mile Sprint Race:
1. 6:11 Pete Buzzelli
2. 6:22 Corey Cooper
3. 6:38 Rick Moore
4. 6:41 Magda Cooper
5. 6:54 Michael Etienne
6. 7:26 Ben Morris
7. 7:54 Guy Huie
8. 8:12 Kevin Voyles
9. 8:56 Tony Gaede
10. 9:07 Banks Petrey
11. 9:12 David McGirt
12. 9:43 Michael Payne
13. 10:04 Jodie McGirt
14. 11:47 Minerva Huie
15. 11:56 Jake Litz
16. 11:57 Luke Knight
17. 12:09 Jack Coley
18. 12:22 David Powers
19. 12:52 Keith Hamrick
20. 13:01 Tricia Hurd Reaves
BOTE Team riders took places 1-4 in both the 3 mile elite and 1/2 sprint!For all of the details on the race, click here!
Thank you again to Paddle Destin for coming with us, and for the pictures!
Thank you for having us, and we’ll see you at the next race!!
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GUSU Panhandle SUP Classic Race Series: Race 1 Recap!

The GUSU Race series has begun! BOTE is a proud sponsor this year, and couldn’t be more excited to participate.

The kickoff race was hosted in Niceville, FL at the Northlight Marina. The conditions were sunny and still! Perfect for a race!

BOTE racers took 1st in a number of divisions! BOTE’s Magda Cooper took 1st in the 4 mile 12’6″ Women’s Elite on her Matte White Wraith SS, while Corey took 3rd in the 14′ Men’s Elite on a Gonzo SS. Pete Buzzelli took 1st and Jamie Fedorka took 2nd in the 14′ Men’s Elite, both on Matte Black Gonzo SS boards. BOTE also took 1st in the 12’6″ Men’s division with Ethan Luppert on a Matte Black Wraith SS.

There were a number of BOTE boards out there, and BOTE couldn’t be happier about the growing number of BOTE racers at each race!

Congrats to all of the racers out there! Below are the official results:

Race results from Race 1 of PSUP Classic:

Race 1 of Panhandle Stand Up Paddleboard Classic

4 Mile
14′ Mens Elite
1 Pete Buzzelli 0:46:46
2 Jamie Fedorka 0:48:17
3 Corey Cooper 0:48:40
4 Dave Meadows 0:48:51
5 David Leach 0:49:10
6 Scott Kennedy 0:51:10
7 Zach Retting 0:51:12
8 Phil Summers 0:52:05
9 Edward Rudzki 0:52:40
10 Jeff Hood 0:53:20
11 Rick Moore 0:53:42
12 Dave Vail 0:55:10
13 Jeff Troy 0:57:25
14 Kent Sutton 0:58:12
15 Mark Chrisman 0:59:32
16 Jim Cunningham 1:11:20
12’6 Mens Elite
1 Ethan 0:48:20
2 Trapper Chechak 0:49:50
3 Jack Archer 0:51:27
4 Jeremy Cerone 0:52:28
5 Noal Smith 0:53:20
6 James Mcphee 0:53:50
7 David Simmons 0:56:40
8 Dr. Danger 1:02:20
9 Doug Adams 1:05:37
10 Chris Akon 1:10:20
12’6 Womens Elite
1 Magda Cooper 0:49:00
2 Jessica Delao 0:51:31
3 Bernadette Leach 0:51:43
4 MJ 0:58:37
5 Gina Seton 0:58:57
6 Donna Bandy 1:00:07
7 Joan Vinoit 1:03:35
8 Beata kundra DNF
12’6 Mens Rec
1 Jake Williams 0:54:00
2 Stefan 0:54:58
3 Scott Calaman 0:57:37
4 Tanner 0:58:30
5 Josh Chrisman 0:58:50
6 Ron Newby 0:59:48
7 Michael Carpenter 1:01:20
8 Jeff Zimmerman 1:01:58
9 Dale Ringler 1:04:20
10 Scott Bisjolie 1:07:08
11 Jason Folley 1:12:00
12’6 Womens Rec
1 Theresa Woodley 0:58:59
2 Regina 1:02:15
3 Misty 1:02:20
4 Stacy Troy 1:03:31
5 Caitlyn Sweney 1:04:37
6 Kim Moore 1:05:03
7 Rachel 1:06:10
8 Lon Mahileck 1:06:22
9 Ashly Chrisman 1:06:44
10 Jamie Hord DNF
1 mile
1 Mario Jara 0:12:17
2 Chris Ibsen 0:12:40
3 Norbet Neberz 0:13:59
4 Bill Weldon 0:14:20
5 Dr. Danger 0:14:30
6 Bob Diehl 0:14:30
7 Matthew Anders 0:15:30
8 Kim Hill 0:15:41
9 Greg Anders 0:15:58
10 Tina Suton 0:16:11
11 Joe Nedoroscik 0:16:13
12 Linda Cunningham 0:16:15
13 Andy Becker 0:16:39
14 0:16:49
15 Matthew Smith 0:16:50
16 Chris St. John 0:17:00
17 Kristina Rowe 0:17:31
18 Heather Anders 0:18:15
19 Amber Smith 0:18:25
20 Jennifer Ostan 0:19:35
21 Kobe Babin 0:20:00
22 Allison Snow 0:20:11
23 Cameron 0:22:30
24 Savana hill 0:24:10
25 Jimmie Bisjolie 0:24:15

Thank you to Helendall Photography and Steve Luppert for the photos! Check’em out!


This weekend is the 15th Annual Key West Paddleboard Classic!

For all race info, please visit http://keywestpaddleboardclassic.com. See y’all there!!

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Salty Shores Interview: Surf Expo 2012

Thanks to Sam Root (www.saltyshores.com) and Leslie Kolovich (www.supradioshow.com) for taking the time to interview BOTE at the Surf Expo Show in Orlando. 


Be sure to check www.saltyshores.com often to get a glimpse of the latest and greatest in the industry. 

And tune in and listen to SUP Radio Show (www.supradioshow) where you can learn about the latest news in the SUP world.

BOTE at The Mayor’s SUP Cup @New Smyrna Beach

BOTE headed over to New Smyrna beach for the Mayor’s SUP Cup on November 19, 2011.  The event was a 2 day event, Saturday there was a 6 mile Elite course and 2 mile Rec Course.  Sunday a SUP surf competition was held. 

Congrats to Magda Cooper for her 2nd Place finish in the Womens 12’6″ Elite Class, Magda was riding a WRAITH.

 We’d also like to congratulate all other racers (Rick Moore, Corey Cooper, Andrew Bowden, Joey McGeoy, and Terry Perkins) that were aboard a BOTE, for some it was their first race, all of these individuals have made improvements and are moving their way up the ladder quickly!

Thanks to Paddleboard New Smyrna Beach for putting together a great Race, we will be sure to put it on our calendars for next year!!!


Mens 14’ Elite

1.Packet Casey-1:11.00
2.Chris Stephan- 1:13.28
3.Brad Ward-1:15.16
4.Ty Miller-1:16.27
5.Chip Bock-1:18.24
6.Chris Taylor-1:19.52
7.Andrew White-1:21.08
8.Justin Cook-1:21.40
9.Brent Brown-1:23.33
10.Corey Cooper-1:23.41
11.Sandy Deeley-1:24.20
12.Adam Cain-1:27.41
13.Conrad Garcia-1:29.22
14.Rick Moore-1:30.03
15.Dave Meadows-1:30.45
16.Jay Boggess-1:32.02
17.Alex DeShazer-1:41.05
18.Charlie Mucciolo-1:42.28
19.Alan Mackenzie-1:45.24
Mens 12’6” Elite

1.Mark Athanacio-1:14.54
2.Reid Nelson-1:18.18
3.Matt Wise-1:20.00
4.Pete Buzzelli-1:21.51
5.Martin Burzyaski-1:22.23
6.Andrew Gaucho-1:23.12
7.Jim Higgins-1:23.22
8.Frankie Abbruzziuo-1:24.16
9.Tony Ferreri-1:24.24
10.Richard Schwartz-1:24.30
11.Brandon Rahe-1:25.56
12.Chuck Hardin-1:26.15
13.Jason Meehan-1:26.20
14.David Dean-1:27.57
15.Raymond “Chip” King-1:28.40
16Andrew Bowden-1:29.40
17.Rob Alfieri-1:31.55
18.Jim Ruggiero-1:32.40
19.Boram Thompson-1:33.04
20.Barry Josepher-1:41.08
21.Evan Magee-1:42.37
22.Joe McGeoy-1:43.25

Womens 12’6” Elite

1.Helga Goebel-1:20.05
2.Magda Coope-1:22.16
3.Mary Anne Boyer-1:23.15
4.Mini Cunha-1:24.40
5.Allison Shirley-1:30.00
6.Katie Holt-1:40.30

Womens Junior Elite

1.Bailey Rosen-1:32.50
2.Annette Garcia-1:43.20
Mens 50+ Elite

1.Pete Bruzzelli-1:21.51
2.Jim Higgins-1:23.22
3.Richard Schwartz-1:24.30
4.David Rush-1:36.23

Men’s Junior Elite

1.Matt Wise-1:20.00
2.Jack Archer-1:28.55

Mens Elite OC-1

1.Gary Wise-1:01.02

Mens Prone Elite

1.Ricky Gehris-1:21.50

Mens Rec Race Stock Board

Lance Deciur-39.08
Brian Frepor-41.00
Kevin Barber-43.00
Terry Perkins-44.36
Mark Dean-48.49
Ty Keen-50.28
Micah Barber-1:10.25

Mens Rec 12’6” Race Board

 Zach Roery-38.21
Frank Tranchilla-38.26
Jeff Tobin-42.07
Conrad Jr. Garcia-47.03

Womens Rec Stock Board

Heather Wilcox-41.35
Jen Hayes-43.55
Cheryl Baker-44.39
Jennifer Steff-45.25
Alystra Lockard-50.02
Candice Accola-56.53
Sherry Bechtel-59.51

Womens Rec 12’6” Race Board

Sarah Langdon-41.08
Lori Hurley-42.04
Ann Dean-43.49
Jessica Cichra-44.29
Heather Hill-46.33
Ana Garcia-48.51