BOTE, meet Battle of the Paddle!

BOTE has made it out to California, in preparation for the Battle of the Paddle. We have a number of the BOTE team out there, so keep an eye out for them!
Magda Cooper
Heather Baus
Ethan Luppert
Pete Buzzelli
Bernadette Leach
Mary Anne Boyer Willis
Mini Cunha
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Good luck to the BOTE team, and all the other paddlers! Paddle hard!!

We’re getting ready for Surf Expo!


It’s that time of year again and we’re gearing up! We’ll be at Surf Expo in Orlando, September 5-8. We’re in Booth 771 at the expo, and Booth 38 on Demo Day (maps below), so be sure to stop on by and see us! We will have our 2012 line up, and will be revealing some new boards off of our 2013 line up! If you would like to make an appointment, please email to set up a time.

Here is a schedule of events:

Wednesday, September 5

12:00 – 5:00 pm

Demo Day at the Orlando Watersports Complex

Thursday, September 6

8:00 am
Show Opens
Consumables: Product Sampling, Lobby
Fashion Show
SUP Demo/Fitness On Board Yoga
Seminar: Creating New Profit Centers with New Categories: Take advantage of current trends in consumables to fuel your growth
12:00 pm
Skate Demo
SUP Demo/Fishing
Fashion Show
Seminar: BRA Tricks of the Trade Series: Customizing your Customer Service
Skate Demo/Madd Gear
SUP Demo
Seminar: Pinning for Gold: How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Shop & Improve Sales
Fashion Show, presented by Transworld Business
Show Closes/Happy Hour
Transworld Wake Awards presented by RockStar Energy Drink. Room S320
Peabody Fashion Show

Friday, September 7

8:00 am
Show Opens
Consumables: Product Sampling, Lobby
Fashion Show
SUP Demo/Fitness On Board Yoga
Seminar: How Retailers Can Save Thousands in Taxes and Become Invincible to Lawsuits
12:00 pm
Skate Demo
SUP Demo/Fishing
Fashion Show
Seminar: Surfing to Diving: One Man’s Relationship to the Ocean
Skate Demo/Madd Gear
SUP Demo
Seminar: Commit to the Next Wave: A simple code of commitment for success in life and business
Fashion Show, presented by Transworld Business
Show Closes/Happy Hour
AWSI Industry Awards Party
Christian Surfers Worship Service
Surf Expo Industry Party, presented by Sanuk, Typhoon Lagoon

Saturday, September 8

9:00 am
Show Opens
Fashion Show
SUP Demo/Fitness On Board Yoga
Seminar: E-Commerce and the Law: Helping your business stay current on pressing legal issues relating to internet law
12:00 pm
Skate Demo
SUP Demo/Fishing
Fashion Show
Skate Demo
Seminar: Freediving in a Surfing World
SUP Demo


The Inaugural Paddle at the Porch was…. AWESOME! We couldn’t have asked for a better event!

On Aug. 18, the Inaugural Paddle at the Porch was be held in the beautiful emerald green waters behind one of Destin’s most beloved restaurants, The Back Porch.

Despite the recent bad weather, the morning of the Paddle at the Porch arrived and the water was calm, and the sun was out! We had 80+ racers come out to paddle, and everyone crossed the finish line with a smile!

There was a 3 mile recreational race and a 6 mile elite race that were filled with both surf style and displacement boards. The race was followed by great food, provided by The Back Porch, an applause filled awards ceremony, and most importantly- fun!

The water was calm with small swells, which made for a challenging race! The race course was in a triangle formation, and it was exciting to watch the lead changes as they went by! The 3 mile racers completed 2 laps, while the 6 mile racers completed 4.

Below are the unofficial results! Official results will be sorted and posted soon!

As you can see, not only did we have a lot of locals come out, but also a lot of out of towners!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Thank you to the Destin Chamber of Commerce, VPS, 99 Rock, Red Bull, and all of the other sponsors for helping make such a great event! We can’t wait until next year! See you there!!

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UPDATE: More Pictures! Thank you to Frank Gordon!


GUSU Panhandle Stand Up Paddleboard Classic Race 2 Recap!

Due to weather, the second GUSU race on June 9th at Paradise Bar and Grill on Pensacola Beach had to be canceled. Luckily on July 7th the skies were clear, and the weather was hot! Event #2 was bumped to Skully’s and it was quite a race!

BOTE took home numerous awards! Pete Buzzelli took 2nd in the Men’s 14′ 4 Mile Elite on a 14′ Gonzo SS, while Ethan Luppert and Magda Cooper both took first in the Men’s and Women’s 12’6″ 4 Mile Elite on 12’6″ Wraith SS boards. Bernadette Leach took 2nd in the women’s 12’6″ 4 Mile Elite on a 12’6″ Wraith SS as well! Go team BOTE!!

Here is a list of the complete results:

4 Mile Race:
14′ Mens Elite
1. Justin Cook 43:50:00
2. Pete Buzzelli 44:49:00
3. Ed Naggiar 45:42:00
4.Martin Miller 46:12:00
5. Phillip McDonald 46:31:00
6. David Leach 46:35:00
7. Jeff Archer 47:54:00
8. Kevin Cook 48:16:00
9. Corey Cooper 48:53:00
10. Dave Meadows 49:30:00
11. Jeff Hoon 49:49:00
12. Sean Hughes 50:00:00
13. Mark Chrisman 51:53:00
14. Dave Vail 54:45:00
15. Rick Moore DNF
16. Kyle Gallagher DNF

12’6 Mens Elite
1. Ethan Lupert 45:54:00
2. EJ Johnson 46:14:00
3. Trapper Chechak 47:46:00
4. Jay Foster 50:42:00
5. Patrick Akos 54:19:00
6. John Mckenzie 54:50:00
7. Tanner Wilcox 1:03:03

12’6 Womens Elite
1. Magda Cooper 48:14:00
2. Burnadette Leach 49:43:00
3. MJ 56:59:00
4. Donna Bandy 57:38:00

12’6 Mens Rec
1. Stefan Haluska 49:32:00
2. Steve Coon 49:55:00
3. Justin Labrato 52:30:00
4. Josh Chrisman 53:45:00
5. Peter mckennon 54:25:00
6. Dave Simmons 54:33:00
7. Tony Wozniak 55:11:00
8. Chris Schwan 55:19:00
9. Josh Enke 56:35:00
10. Jeff Zimmerman 58:44:00
11. Gaelan McQuiston 59:11:00
12. Ron Newby 59:19:00
13. Chris O Grady 59:45:00
14. Adam Grace 1:00:07
15. Michael Carpeton 1:01:08
16. Chris Isben 1:01:49
17. Dale Ringler 1:01:55
18. Douglas Simmon 1:02:05
19. Steve Hill 1:02:43
20. Daniel Harrison 1:02:53
21. David Rhodes 1:03:13
22. Joel Gonzalez 1:10:10

12’6 Womens Rec
1. Therresa Woodley 56:19:00
2. Regina Jalushka 59:02:00
3. Misty Green 1:05:09
4. Nina Rhodes 1:07:03
5. Cassie Long 1:07:25
6.Heather Lopez 1:09:30
7.Lindley Hill 1:17
8. Tamara Copes 1:22:25
9.Chloe Hill DNF
10. Dani Schnitker DNF

1 Mile Beginner Race:
1. James Clayton 12:46
2. Garrett fletcher 13:13
3. Norbert Nebuez 13:23
4. Troy Gleason 14:02
5. Ross Bailey 14:27
6. Ashleigh Chrisman 14:30
7. Ryan Hartman 14:59
8. Kim Moore 15:01
7. Steven Bowder 15:35
8. Ken Lockwood 15:36
9. Kim Hill 16:08
10. Nick Hopkins 16:16
11. Brittney Ringler 16:46
12. Sydney Hammons 17:26
13. Andrea Bidney 17:44
14. Amber Labrato 17:47
15. Corey Davis 18:02
16. Jessica Zimmerman 18:08
17. Amie Enke 18:23
18. David Bidney 18:49
19. Drue Needler 18:51
20.Carol Forsythe 18:54
21. Carli Whiteside 18:53
22. Britt Reed 19:04
23. Katie Grace 19:23
24.Victoria Bradley 19:35
25. Brent Harris 19:41
26. Kelly Brown 20:02
27. Kim Hopkins 20:30
28. Leslie Smith 20:56
29.Mitchell Sherman 21:26
30. Alexis Hopkins 22:32
31. Steve Hopkins 22:32
32. Sloan Akos 23:18
33. Katerina Eckert 26:01:00
34. Clara Forneua 28:08:00
35. Shannon page 30:10:00

Kids Race

1. Tabitha Labrato 20:10
2. Ryan Labrato 20:27
3. Lindsey Logerwell 20:41
4. Grant Gleason 20:49
5. Easton Hill 26:24:00
10. Sophie Page 30:10:00

BOTE had a great time and is proud to be a sponsor of the GUSU Panhandle Stand Up Paddleboard Classic Series and is looking forward to the next race! See you there!

Thank you to Tiffany Clemons for the pictures!

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SUP Splash Series: Lake Lanier Race Recap!

The SUP Splash series is back with all of its original five venues from last year throughout the Southeast along with two new races. The race venues will include the Chattahoochee River, Lake Lanier, Savannah, Blue Ridge, Treasure Island, Fl, Chattanooga, St. Simons Island and the series finale in St. Pete as the Pacifico Paddle Challenge.

Saturday, June 23, the BOTE team headed up to Lake Lanier to take part in the second race of the series. There were 98 racers that competed in the Elite Division course which circumnavigated the Lake Lanier Islands for a distance of 7.75 miles, and the Recreational Division will be an out and back course of 3 miles.

BOTE Rider Ethan Luppert took first in the Men’s 12’6″ Elite on his 12’6″ Wraith SS, while newest team rider, Bernadette Leach took first in the Women’s 12’6″ Elite, also on a 12’6″ Wraith SS! Go team BOTE!!

Other placers on BOTE boards include, Pete Buzzelli taking 1st in his age category in the Men’s 14′ Elite on a 14′ Gonzo SS and Kim Moore taking 3rd in the Women’s 12’6″ Rec Race on a 12’6″ Wraith Tour! Y’all are awesome!

For complete results, click here! And for more information on the SUP Splash Series, you can visit their website at

Thank you to Paddle Destin, for all of the great pictures!

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Space Coast Paddle Blast Race Recap!

This past weekend, BOTE Team Rider, Ethan Luppert, grabbed his 12’6″ Wraith SS and made his way down to Cocoa Beach, FL for the 1st Space Coast Paddle Blast, presented by Paddle Style What’s Yours?

This two day event was for both traditional and stand up paddleboards. The feature event was on Saturday and consisted of an 8.5 mile Elite division race (which was shortened to a 6.8 mile due to conditions) awarding $4,000 in prize money; $3,000 for SUP divisions and $1,000 for traditional divisions. There was also a 2 mile Short Course Race.

The Awards ceremony was held at Milliken’s Reef Restaurant, Port Canaveral, where Ethan accepted the 2nd place price for the Elite 12’6″ division.

Full results listed below:

In the Men’s traditional Unlimited:
1st place- Luke Turner  1:30::22
2nd place-Greg Shmidt  1:33::36
3rd place-Eric Dijon 1:37::59

4th overall and 1st  place in Women’s Stock Cynthia Aguilar 1:38::01
2nd place-Lindsey Shoop 1:55::17

In the SUP categories:
12’6” Men’s
1st place-Mark Athanacio-1:39::20
2nd place-Ethan Luppert- 1:47::49
3rd place – Jamie Twigg- 1:57::22

14 ft Men’s
1st place-Justin Cook 1:39::17
2nd place-Ian McFarland 1:42::31
3rd place-Chris Stephan 1:50::27

12’6” Women’s
1st place-Helga Goebel 2:03::08
2nd place-Bailey Rosen 2:15::35
3rd place-Kristen Apotsos 2:22::23

Thank you to Steve Luppert for the pictures!

BOTE congratulates Ethan on another awesome race, and we’ll see you at the next one!!

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Watermans Paddle for Humanity RECAP!


Last weekend marked the 2nd of 5, Watermans Paddle for Humanity races. It was located in Deerfield Beach, FL and BOTE arrived to great weather and an even greater event!

The race was held on June 2nd and consisted of 3 events. A 5K Fun Paddle and 10K Elite Paddle, both sanctioned by the WPA, and a Chuck Patterson Signature series 5-Lap Rally race.

BOTE Racers Magda Cooper and Ethan Luppert made the trip down to compete in the 10K Elite Paddle. Both on 12’6 Matte Black Wraith SS boards, Ethan took 3rd in the 12’6 Men’s Elite, while Magda took 4th in the 12’6 Women’s Elite.

Click here for all official race results, and details about upcoming Watermans Paddle for Humanity events!

Thank you to photographer Jim Diehl, ZULU SUP, and various photographers for event pictures!

Watermans Paddle for Humanity sure knows how to put on a great race, and BOTE will definitely be making an appearance again!

Check out the Wraith SS in action!

12’6″ WRAITH SS from Color Earth on Vimeo.


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Key West Paddleboard Classic Recap!

BOTE’s Magda Cooper, and a number of other Panhandle paddlers, made the trip down to Key West, for the 15th Annual Key West Paddleboard Classic! There were 2 races, a Fury Waters Adventure 12 mile Elite, and an Ocean Minded 4 mile.

Check out the Elite course!

Magda took 2nd place on her Matte Black 12’6″ Wraith SS! Way to go Magda!!

For full official results, click here!

Congrats to the other Panhandlers that placed, and to all of the other racers! Such a great event!

Thank you to various sources for the pictures!

See y’all at the next race!

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Magda takes 4th!!

This past weekend, BOTE’s Magda Cooper made the trek down to Puerto Rico for the 4th Annual Rincon Beachboy SUP Race. The race benefitted Salon Angelitos de Amor, which supports children with down syndrome. The race raised and donated $4,035 to the cause and with additional contribution from employees and friends, they were able to match that amount and donate a check to a beloved local pilot who is recovering from an accident.

There were around 200 racers, and Magda placed 4th in the Elite 12’6″ female division. Go Magda!! When asked about the race, she said, “I’m just not used to paddling in waves, I kept falling off! I guess I’ll be practicing in the Gulf from now on! I had a great time, and Puerto Rico is great- I’ll definitely be back!”

Cheers Magda! We’re proud of you!

Here are maps of the Elite and Open courses.

For complete race results: click here.

Magda was accompanied by friend, fellow paddler, and founder of Paddle Destin, Kim Moore. Though they enjoyed Puerto Rico, we’re glad to have them back! Thank you to Kim and Mar Azul Surf Shop for the pictures!

For more information on the Rincon Beachboy SUP Race. You can visit their website by clicking here.